registration Getting Your Geomorphometry2021 Username and Password


Website registration

Registration to the website (getting your website account) is needed to register to the Conference.

Upon registering online you must choose a Username and a Password and provide few personal information. This initial registration will enable you to surf the site, keep track of the status of your registration, register to the conference, pay the registration fees, just to name a few. 

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Conference Registration

The registration to the the Conference is subject to the payment of the following fees

In Presence

- Full registration: € 150
- Full on-site registration: € 200
- 1-Day registration: € 100


- Full registration: € 50 (Please read below about credit card payments with Mastercard)

The registration fees entitles you to:

  • Admittance to Geomorphometry 2021 Events including the Technical Workshops
  • Access to the electronic proceedings 

 No other serviceis included



To pay for the Registration Fees you may use the following methods of payment:

1) Bank Transfer;
If you wish to pay by bank transfer, before making it out, please go to the Geomorphometry eShop and go through the purchase process selecting the Bank Transfer payment method. At the end of the process you will be assigned an Order ID that must be returned in the "Reason for payment" of your transfer so that the payment verification operations are faster and accurate.

Account owner:
T4E Srl

Owner address:
Via Dalmazio Birago 18
06124 Perugia

IBAN International Bank Account Number:

BIC swift Bank Identification Code:

Bank name:
Banca Centro - Credito Cooperativo Toscana - Umbria

Bank address:
Via Martiri dei Lager
06128 Perugia

2) Credit Card;
Only VISA and Mastercard (please note that, as of September 10, Mastercard is experiencing problems in the last few days and if you have 3D SecureTM control enabled you won't be able to use your card) circuits are accepted and we would like to inform you that your paymnet may require the credit card 3D Secure™ (or 3DS) authentication code.

More over,  please make sure to allow pop-ups and redirects from which is the address of the secure server of our bank

The 3D Secure™ is a secure online payment service. The authentication procedure is simple and involves 3 steps.
- Place your order and enter your debit or credit card information.
- If the security system is activated for your card, a 3D Secure™ window will open. Your bank or CC circuit will ask you to verify your identity by entering an authentication code.
In most cases, this is a single-use security code that is sent to you by SMS on your mobile phone.
- Once you enter the correct security code your payment is accepted.
The 3D Secure™ payment system is available through your bank under the name "Verified by Visa" for Visa cards or "Mastercard SecureCode" for Mastercard cards.

3) Cash (on-site only).
On-site cash payments can be made out only in Euro.