Book of Abstracts

The conference scheduled for June 2020 was postponed due to the pandemic. Accepted abstracts were collected in a book of abstracts published by CNR Edizioni:

Massimiliano Alvioli, Ivan Marchesini, Laura Melelli, and Peter Guth (2020)
Proceedings of the Geomorphometry 2020 Conference, Perugia, Italy
CNR Edizioni, 270 p.
Book DOI: 10.30437/geomorphometry2020
ISBN: 978 88 8080 282 2
ISBN 978 88 8080 410 9 (updated version)

Invididual contributions are listed and linked here below:

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Special Issue

Submission for the Special Issue "Geomorphometry 2020" in Transactions in GIS (Wiley Online) is now closed. Accpted papers will be published in volume number 25 of the Journal. The peer review process is ongoing and published papers will be listed here as soon as findal decisions are made.

Scroll down for the list of accepted papers so far, in two groups: papers stemming from contributions to Geomorphometry 2020 are in the first group; the second group contains submissions to the open call for papers in the special issue.

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