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About Perugia


Perugia is the capital of the Umbria Region (the Green Heart of Italy), and is located in central Italy. The town is ofEtruscan originand contains more than 160,000 inhabitants.

The Acropolis of Perugia (about 490 m a.s.l.) has been selected by the Etruscan people for the topographic arrangement on two contiguous hills, Colle del Sole and Colle Landone, and for the water resources.

The oldest urban center is enclosed by walls dating from the 3rd Century BC, that are themselves incorporated into a medieval fortification (14th Century).

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We planned the 2021 edition of the conference to be a mixed in-person and online event.

We are working to understand if this is still allowed by the pandemic situation. The rule to participate in indoor activities in Italy, effective August 6th, is that a "green pass" (electronic certificate of full vaccination) is mandatory. Indoor activities include restaurants, cinemas, concerts and conferences. It looks like, effective September 1st, a "green pass" will also be necessary to travel by plane or train, but this is still under debate.

Please check this page for updates about the possibility of in-person attendance and upcoming regulations on this page. And please check with your country's travelling regulations before making plans to travel to Italy.


For further information please refer to the institutional web page of the Italian Ministry of Health.